Bagasse Sugar Cane Fibre Trays

100% Home Compostable Food packaging, made from sugar cane

Bagasse Sugar Cane Food Trays are an excellent choice for sustainable food packaging. They are constructed from a natural by-product of sugar production, making them an ethical choice that your customers will love. 

Bagasse trays are best suited to the sustainable packaging of frozen foods, as well for fresh takeaway foods.

Enduro Sugar Cane Fibre trays are 100% HOME compostable

  • Freezable and ovenable (-40°C to 215°C)
  • Compliant with NZ food safety standards
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Compatible with existing tray sealing equipment and films
  • Compatible with compostable lidding film
  • Compatible with our tray sealing equipment
  • Available in 2 different sizes

Seal the deal on sustainable packaging with 100% compostable lidding film.

What is the difference between biodegradable, compostable and home compostable packaging? 

The lines are often blurred, but the definitions are relatively simple.

Biodegradable packaging must break down into small fragments that "cannot be seen by the naked eye"; a nice idea, but flawed in cases where the packaging material breaks down into minute particles of plastic.

Compostable packaging is designed to break down into organic matter, but under specific conditions and temperatures over 55 degrees in a commercial composting facility. Again, a great idea, though there can be a challenge in connecting end-customers' rubbish bins with commercial composting facilities. In situations where you connect used packaging with commercial composting facilities, commercially compostable packaging can be a great solution.

Home compostable packaging (like our Bagasse and BioPAP food trays) is produced exclusively from organic materials that break down naturally into organic matter, but without the need for specific conditions and high temperatures. This is the best compostable end-consumer packaging choice, because these materials can compost in everyday kiwi gardens, or even in landfill. 

Want to know more? Check out our guide to understanding compostable packaging. 

Bagasse Sugar Cane Fibre Trays
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Bagasse Sugar Cane Fibre Trays

100% Home Compostable Food packaging, made from sugar cane
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