ENDURO Automatic Hamburger Machine

Compact, robust, and easy to operate, the ENDURO Automatic Hamburger Machine is perfect for your production line, regardless of the size. Maximise space with this small bench-top machine without sacrificing output or speed. This solid little machine can process up to 2,100 burger patties an hour and can easily be adjusted to output the patties to meet your desired shape, weight, or thickness specifications.

  • Fast production - 35 units per minute
  • Small bench-top machine
  • Only 240V single phase power required
  • Safe air operated foot switch controls
  • Quick release insert drum to adjust size, weight, shape of patties
  • Easy to clean, no tools required
  • Automatic paper magazine
  • Made of Stainless Steel AISI 304 and other food grade materials
  • Manufactured in Italy
ENDURO Automatic Hamburger Machine
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