Waterproof Multi-head Weigher

Contour Sales offers a 10 or 14 Multi-head Waterproof Weigher.

These multi-head weighers are very flexible and can be used for all types of products including, confectionery, peanuts, snacks, chips, nuts, jelly, flakes, cookies, bakery items, coffee beans, pet food, dry granules and many more applications.
  • Waterproof level IP66
  • Durable IP65 display
  • Convenient butterfly screw adjustment
  • Individual chutes
  • Round corner buckets
  • Round corner cabin with satin surface
  • Stainless steel central frame and round corner step motor housing
  • Liner plates fixed by stainless steel hook - reliable, dust and water proof

Options: IP66 water rating, dimple plating, variety of weigh bucket sizes available to suit all product types, rotary main feeder, incline feeders

Waterproof Multi-head Weigher
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