Vaccum Packaging Options


Soft-air is the ideal function to enable fragile (e.g. fish) or sharp (e.g. T-bone) products to be packed without damage.  The air enters the vacuum chamber very gently after the sealing process giving the vacuum bag time to form around the fragile or sharp product.  Damage to the product and/or the vacuum pouch is reduced.  An additional benefit is that the product looks neater with a better formed package.


When it’s important to obtain an exact vacuum or gas level we recommend a sensor.  The standard machine normally relies on a time cycle for the vacuum and gas levels, which is accurate enough for most applications.  However, when dealing with products that vary in volume or density, a sensor ensures that each package is under the same level of vacuum.


Sometimes it may be necessary to have a repeated sequence of vacuuming and gassing.  The multi-cycle option makes this possible with up to 8 processes in one cycle.  All models (except VMS43, 53, 113, and 133) can be equipped with the multi-cycle option.  It is not possible however to combine the multi-cycle with the sensor option.

Code Seal 

Text can be imprinted in the seal area which may be useful to impart message or offer security.  The advantage of text in the seal is that it remains intact until the bag is opened.  The code seal is only possible in combination with the 8mm seal.

Gas Flushing

Adding gas to the package is a way of extending the shelf life of the product.  The product and the space around it in the chamber are vacuumised as normal.  Usually after the vacuuming process the bag is sealed; but with the gas flushing the pouch is injected with a gas or gas mixture.  When the desired volume of gas is reached the bag is then sealed.  This gives a very low residual oxygen percentage and the product is no longer under vacuum pressure.

Gas Flush Systems

On the AUDION Vacuum Machine there are two options available when it comes to Gas Flushing Solutions:
  1. The gas-flush timer which inerts a gas mixture into your package for a set amount of time.
  2. The gas-flush pressure time, the machine will continue with this function till the set pressure levels are achieved. This feature helps to reduce the variation of gas when the gas bottle is full or empty.