Table-top Impulse Tube Sealer

This Compact AUDION table-top Impulse Tube Sealer is ideal for sealing your products in a tube. This easy-to-use front loading machine is built to accommodate different tube lengths. Equipped with bi-active sealing bars, a moving thermo-controlled impulse seal bar and automatic adjustment of the sealing pressure ensures you get a consistent good quality seal every time. 

Our compact Tube Sealers can store up to 9 of your favorite programs.

Optional extras include: 10 Character Code Seal, Extra Tube Holder, Second Sealing Bar

Tube Sealer

Technical Specifications:  
Capacity: 4-6 tubes / cycle
Tube Diameter: 20-50 mm
Tube Length: 70-230 mm
Tube holder for 6 tubes: cap diameter 20-40 mm
(sealing length max 65 mm per tube)
Tube holder for 4 tubes: cap diameter 40-50 mm
Tube Material: PE-PP / AL-PE
Sealing Width: 4 mm flat
Max. number of seals / min: 3
Voltage: 230 V / 1PH / 50/60HZ
Consumption: 750 W
Applications: Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Liquids / Paste
Table-top Impulse Tube Sealer
Contour Packaging
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Table-top Impulse Tube Sealer

Ideal for sealing your products in a tube
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