Sous-Vide Solutions Immersion Stirrer

Thanks to ENDURO™, cooking sous-vide food at low temperature has never been easier! This Immersion Stirrer allows you to prepare delicious sous vide recipes in just a few steps and save both time and money.

The sous-vide process allows the food to maintain its “melt-in-the-mouth” texture. In this way the food remains very soft and its organoleptic and nutritional properties are retained (these properties are often changed during traditional cooking). In addition, sous-vide cooking uses less oils and fats and enables you to prepare lighter meals without compromising on taste.

When used in conjunction with our Audion Vacpackers, there are significant advantages of vacuum cooking. There is a considerable reduction in the weight loss of food, which varies from 30% in conventional cooking, to less than 7% when sous-vide cooking in a vacuum bag. Not least - there is a significant time saving in managing the kitchen, because this type of cooking does not require the intervention of the chef during its various stages, thus enabling him to devote himself to other operations.

Technical Details:
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • Safety Devices comply with European Directives
  • Voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
  • Powerful 2000 W heater
  • Heats up to 50 litres at 95 °C
  • Programs: 10
  • Cooking selection - standard or with probe
  • Temperature range: 20 °C/95 °C
  • Temperature precision: ± 0,1 °C
  • Cooking time: 0-48 hours
  • Low water level protection
  • Delayed start function
  • °C or °F function
  • Cooking temperature achievement indicator
  • Off set temperature control can be set between -3°C and +3°C
  • Works seamlessly with our AUDION Vacuum Packer and EXCEL Vacuum Bags
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Sous-Vide Solutions Immersion Stirrer
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