Shrink Bags

EXCEL Shrink Bags are manufactured from a high barrier 9 layer EVOH-based shrink bag material for the ultimate shelf life protection of fresh meat, cheese and fish and are designed to shrink around your product, lifting your presentation whilst keeping an optimum vacuum and seal on your products. The vacuum shrink mechanics helps create a 2nd skin around the product keeping its juices and microorganisms out.
Package your products in our EXCEL Shrink Bags and use our hot dip shrink tanks.

The EXCEL Shrink Bag range includes:

EXCELfresh 45: 45 micron thickness with fine EVOH protection with high shrink rates, gloss and transparency
EXCELfresh 75: 75 micron thickness for additional puncture resistance for meats with sharper edges and poultry with round bones
EXCELmax: 95 micron thickness for maximum puncture resistance for sharp bone-in meat applications without the need for bone-guard
EXCELcheese: Specially compounded 9 layer formula created for the escape of gasses made by maturing cheeses. Created in low-to-high gassing cheese formats

Some of the outstanding qualities of EXCEL shrink bags include:

  • Top of market shelf life extension for the end product due to the EVOH barrier
  • High gloss and excellent transparency ensuring attractive presentation, due to
  • the PET outer layer
  • Excellent gas and water vapor barrier
  • Outstanding puncture resistance due to several layers of PA (nylon)
  • Exceptional shrink rates (up to 50%)
  • Minimal leakage rates
  • Extra strong sealing and overlap sealing capability due to PE inner layer

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Shrink Bags
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