How to weigh and measure food products faster

Linear Weighers streamline your portioning and packaging line

Most businesses have the ultimate goal of growing and becoming successful. For food manufacturers, one of the best ways to achieve growth is to focus on streamlining and structuring operations to make scalability a priority.

For those smaller businesses who have a product that requires hours of manually weighing and packaging free-flowing products, like coffee beans, spices or health-based products such as granola, it can be hard for them to know how to shift gear and find the faster lane.

Linear weighing systems provide the perfect solution to injecting high-speed automation into your packaging line – the ultimate way to streamline your operations and achieve scalable growth.

What is a linear weigher? 

Linear Weighers are automated weighing systems that accurately weigh your product into portion sizes, increasing the efficiency of the weighing component of your product line. 

Check out the video below of customised linear weigher that we developed for a client in the South Island.  We customised this linear weigher to help them speed up packaging of Brussels Sprouts. While this one is a tailor-made solution, our regular range of linear weighers are ideal for packing free-flowing products like coffee, pasta, nuts and similar. 

Linear weighing in action

How can Linear Weighers help your business 

Adopting a Linear Weigher into your packaging system is the first step that will help you advance towards scalable growth by: 

  • Freeing up time to allow you to focus your attention elsewhere in your business. 

  • Creating a more efficient packaging line, so production and outputs are increased. 

  • Growing your margins.
It’s as simple as filling a hopper with your product and watching as the systems weighs your product with accuracy, at speed – every time.

Two-Lane and Four-Lane Linear Weighers

Linear weighers are designed to suit different production volumes by adding additional weighing lanes. Think of them like a motorway – if two lanes of traffic allow 100 cars to complete a trip in 10 minutes, four lanes allow 200 cars in the same timeframe. The same goes with linear weighers. 

If your production targets are higher still, consider a Multihead weigher. These high-volume automatic weighers allow for up 14 portions to be weighed simultaneously, creating a near-constant flow of portioned output. 


There is a faster lane… complete the packaging system 

By integrating Linear Weighers with pouch packaging systems, tray packaging systems, as well as vertical form, fill and seal systems, and customisable stand-up pouches, you can create a complete fast and consistent end-to-end packaging automation system. 

A complete packaging system will truly create the perfect foundation to allow you to achieve the scalable growth your business desires. 

Linear Weighers are a key entry-point to a flawless production line. 

Contour is here to help 

Helping business from small to large to find the right equipment and materials to grow their business is what we live for. With 20 years of experience, we have the expertise and service to level our customers up, keep their production lines humming and produce beautifully prepared and packaged products, every time.   

Talk to our team today about linear weighing options to suit your business.

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