Linear Weighers

The linear scale consists of a weigh bucket with 2 series of feeding lanes. The product is transported from a storage hopper to the weigh buckets by vibration. When the set weight is almost reached the coarse vibration stops and the fine vibration feeds the last of the product up to the final weight. The scales are controlled by a user-friendly touch screen. Complement this weighhead with our top quality forming and sealing machine to create an Automatic Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine.

These weighing systems work well with different weight requirements, different shaped products or simultaneous weighing of two or more products.

Options include: Single lane, 2 lanes and 4 lanes
Applications include:  Sugar, salt, spices, coffee, beans, tea, rice, grated cheese, flavor material, nuts, dried fruits, small pasta pieces, pet food, powder, small granules, pellets and many more.

  • Advanced digital signal processing with high speed weighing
  • Digital sensors to increase speed and avoid jamming
  • High weighing accuracy
  • Fine and coarse lanes on linear weighers
  • Frame has a IP65 protection rating
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Dimple plating for feeding wet product
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Linear Weighers
Contour PackagingLinear Weighers
Contour PackagingLinear Weighers
Contour PackagingLinear Weighers
Contour Packaging