Low-cost lidding film is a false economy

The majority of food manufacturers look to cut costs where possible and more often than not, the first place they look is at the production line. The question asked – why don’t we use a cheaper packaging option?

Cheap is not always cheerful. Choosing the right type of lidding film and packaging for your product is essential – the entire supply chain needs to be thought through. Opting for an economy lidding film to reduce costs can lead to problems later down in the supply chain. 

How so you might wonder? Think about the journey of your product from production to when it reaches your customer for consumption. Is the seal on your product likely to last the entire journey or will you have an unhappy customer who is upset their lunch spilt all through their bag? 

An unhappy customer is equal to not only loss in revenue, but damage to your brand. Multiply this by a few hundred or thousand leaky packages and that is a lot of unhappy customers and lost revenue. 

This is why choosing the right lidding film for your product is essential. By spending the time at the start to find the right lidding film fits your product and distribution requirements, not only will your customers appreciate it, but you will save you in cost and reputation in the long run.

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