Impulse Hand Sealers with Cutter

Impulse Heat Hand Sealers are an economical hand operated tabletop heat sealer designed for low volume general and food packaging.

Extremely low-maintenance, the maximum temperature of this machine is set to ensure the PTFE cannot burn through. The seal temperature is adjustable by means of a potentiometer different positions, depending on the thickness of the film.

Impulse Hand Sealers with cutter

Model Max. seal length Max. seal thickness Seal width
200 HC 200mm 2 x 0.15mm 2mm
300 HC 300mm 2 x 0.15mm 2mm
400 HC 400mm 2 x 0.15mm 2mm
205 HC 205mm 2 x 0.15mm 5mm
305 HC 305mm 2 x 0.15mm 5mm
405 HC 405mm 2 x 0.15mm 5mm

EXCEL Replacement Element Kits are readily available. Contact us for more information.

Impulse Hand Sealers with Cutter
Contour PackagingImpulse Hand Sealers with Cutter
Contour Packaging
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