How to label bottles and cans faster

Is your bottled drinks or liquids business in growth mode, and reaching the limitations of hand-applied labels? 

Does this sound like you?

Peel. Stick. Unpeel. Straighten. Re-stick. Repeat 400 times. 

If manually applying labels is driving you crazy, it’s time to start automating… but if a full-scale bottling and labelling plant is beyond this year’s budget (or even this decade’s budget) then a semi-automatic bottle labeling tool is a great first step. 

Choose a semi-automated bottle labeler, like the Bottle-Matic

A semi-automated bottle label dispenser takes the manual work out of the most laborious tasks, like lining up labels, peeling and sticking them. The automation comes in by rotating your bottle or can and applying your label, or labels (one at the front, one at the back) quickly and consistently. 

More products labeled in less time

When manually applying labels, speed of application and consistency of placement are often at odds with each other; the faster staff apply bottle labels, the less consistent they are with getting them straight or ensuring there are no bubbles. On the flip side, the more care your staff take with getting the positioning and application of labels right, the less they are able to output per hour. 

Tools like the Bottle-Matic bottle labeler mean an increase in consistency and in output per hour with capacity per machine approaching 1200 units per hour. 

Your margins start to grow

The upside to increasing output her hour is a drop in your costs, and an increase in your gross margin per product sold. If one staff member can manually pack 300 units per hours, but they can label 1200 units per hour with a semi-automated labeler, the labour component of your gross margin gets a 4-fold increase.

What you need to get started 

It’s amazingly easy to get up and running with an automated labeling process. Here’s what you need; 
A semi-automated labeling machine, like the Bottle-Matic 
Pre-rolled printed labels. If you’re not sure where to start with sourcing labels, talk to a packaging expert about the right materials for your product
Something to apply the labels to – bottles, cans, tubes or jars. 
Someone to talk to if you need help

Contour is here to help

Helping food and drink producers with the right equipment and materials to grow their business is what we live for. With 20 years’ of keeping New Zealand’s produce fresh, we have the engineering expertise and service to level our customers up and keep their packaging lines humming along smoothly. 

Want to get started with automatic bottle labeling? Talk to Contour Today.

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