High Speed Automatic Shrink Wrapper

This complete shrink wrapping systems is your answer to packaging large volumes of products including: Software, food, cosmetics, printing, pharmaceutical, flooring, ceramics, beverage, metal, plastics. Suitable for OPP, POF, PE, PVC and other shrink packaging materials.

  • Constant heated sealing blades can perform continuously, which enables limitless product length and a high capacity of up to 60 bags per minute
  • Auto photocell infeed system provides both horizontal and vertical options to suit various product sizes
  • Hand wheel adjustments make a fast and effective product changeover
  • Machine produces an enclosed pack with sealing on 3 sides
  • Applicable for PE, POF and other center-folded shrink films, especially for POF shrink film packing
  • Scrap film is automatically taken up on waste spool
  • Motor-driven infeed conveyor and free roller outfeed conveyor are options for fully automatic application
Options: Various conveyor materials can be used to accommodate small and/or irregular products, printing film photo sensor, 1 .5M infeed conveyor, automatic product pusher, 3 meters length lugs pushing conveyor
High Speed Automatic Shrink Wrapper
Contour Packaging
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