Customised automation is a recipe for profitability and growth.

But where should you start? 


Are you currently packing products by hand? 

We help to take New Zealand food producers to the next level with tailor-made packaging solutions that help them grow, reduce costs and increase profits. From completely automated packaging lines, to modular systems that help you to scale your equipment in line with growth and cash flow, Contour have the knowledge and engineering pedigree to tailor customised solutions to help you deliver. 

When is automation the right choice?

If all or part of your packing process is manual, there is scope to automate. If labour is an excessive part of your production costs, then it’s time to automate.  

If you can’t meet production targets, then it’s time to automate. 

If the integrity of seals or consistency of package weights are failing quality control, then it’s time to automate. 

How do automated packaging systems work?

Automated packaging systems take the manual labour out of your packaging processes, replacing them with mechanical or robotic equipment to increase output, consistency and quality. 

Watch how this Rotary Pouch Packer opens, fills and seals food pouches. 

How can Contour help? 

We take the time to understand your packing line, look for opportunities to improve it then design, deliver and support automations to take your business further

We’ll work with you on a modular, scalable solution that can grow with your business, that meets your goals now AND in the future.

We’ll be accountable. Partnering with Contour for equipment, consumables and servicing means you only have to make one phone call to keep your packaging line at peak productivity. 

What types of packaging can Contour automate? 

We’re experts at automating weighing, filling, sealing and labeling. Whether you package popcorn, powders or pastries, we’ll make sure your product is always portioned correctly, perfectly sealed, presented at its best and, most importantly, packed with profitability. 

Talk to our team today about getting your business started with automation. 

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