A manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the Australian market was struggling with inefficiencies in packaging medication. It sometimes felt like six people were working the job of two, yet orders were taking twice as long to reach to market. The job of packaging medication was menial and labour intensive and so staff turnover rates were at an all-time high.


  • Reduce time taken to package and fill orders
  • Make work less labour intensive
  • Reduce high staff turnover

Pain Points/ Client Needs

  • Staff turnover meant the business felt unstable
  • The cost of wages, products and packaging were difficult to fund
  • Orders took two days to fill and 3-5 days to pack
  • Product was handled four times in order to package it


  • The ENDURO FlowWrapper automated the medication packaging system
  • Necessary handling of packaging was halved
  • Products were automatically bagged
  • Medication flowed from auto labeller to conveyor belt to bag
3 people used to do fitting, packing and labelling



  • It now takes three days to pack five days’ worth of medication
  • Staff reduced from six to two
  • Productivity of staff improved
  • 3 days instead of 5 days to pack the same amount
Three times faster than manually packaging
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