Readymade Meals: Frozen Fresh

Frozen Fresh relies on their prepared meals arriving to customers in flawless condition. Any tears in packaging or food spoilage incurs waste, product returns and admin costs. The packaging also needs to be easy for customers to use so they can easily tear off the lid, stick the food in the microwave and enjoy an easy meal. Production and staff costs need to be kept to a minimum so these meals can be offered as cheap as possible. Deadlines weren’t being met and the company was getting worried. Little did Frozen Fresh know a change in packaging could reduce staff costs, reduce waste and help deadlines be met every time.


  • Reduce staff and labour costs where possible
  • Ensure all deadlines are being met
  • Products were frequently returned due to seal breakage
  • High admin costs were incurred due to frequent product returns

Pain Points/ Client Needs

  • Risk of losing high profile supermarkets from customer base
  • Deadlines weren’t being met
  • Produce packaging tearing led to health risks
  • Productivity was down 


  • The ENDURO Tray Sealer was introduced as one awesome machine with multiple uses
  • Custom-made attractive trays were developed
  • Developed lidding film to adhere firmly to tray with peel-ability available
Readymade Meals: Frozen Fresh Readymade Meals: Frozen Fresh


  • Custom-made trays helped meet deadlines easily
  • Increased capacity and product output
  • No need for more packaging staff
The beautiful presentation of the new trays allowed the company to charge more
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