Five Star Restaurants: French Cafe

Five star restaurants are only worth five stars for one simple reason: they exercise care in every aspect of their business. European food in particular requires time to perfect – time spent slow cooking food to its perfect state. Unfortunately diners don’t want to wait for food to be slow cooked – they want to eat and they want to eat now. For restaurants this involves cooking food well before it is ordered and being prepared to waste any meals that weren’t ordered.


  • Reduce food wastage from meals that need to be slow cooked
  • Reduce time taken to prepare meals
  • Meals remain listed in the top 50 in New Zealand
  • Slow cooking needs to be consistent
  • Food needs to be juicy and lovely every time

Pain Points/ Client Needs

  • Meals occasionally end up going out dry
  • Prestige needs to be upheld
  • Preparation time for meals is double what it could be
  • Excessive time taken cooking meals to a high standard


  • The ENDURO vacuum packer was introduced for the restaurant’s sous vide
Five Star Restaurants: French Cafe


  • Prestigious reputation was upheld
  • Vacuum packaging kept moisture out allowing meat to be tender and flavourful
  • Services were able to be delivered faster
  • The vacuum packaging looked professional inspiring staff
  • Meals were consistently high quality as they were left to science not chance
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