A 100% compostable alternative to C-PET Plastic Trays

Do you have a love-hate relationship with C-PET plastic food trays? Love its robustness, presentation and ability to handle temperature changes for cooking, but hate that it’s not completely compostable? 

You’re not alone, because your customers agree. 

Since thought leaders, like Sir David Attenborough, have shone a spotlight on the volume of plastic in our oceans, the global appetite for change has taken off. Domestically, we New Zealanders are starting to see ourselves as global change agents; the-little-country-that-can when it comes to the environment. 

It’s time to practice what we preach, and that starts with food packaging. 

Introducing a 100% Compostable C-PET alternative

  • Contour have searched the globe to find a sustainable alternative to the C-PET tray that is;
  • Freezable and dual-ovenable (-40°C to 215°C)
  • Compliant with NZ food safety standards
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Compatible with existing tray sealing equipment and films
  • Compatible with biodegradable lidding film
  • Compatible with our tray sealing equipment
  • Available in different sizes
  • Fully certified recyclable, biodegradable and 100% HOME compostable

After extensive research and testing, Contour International is proud to announce our range of BIOPAP 100% Compostable Trays, which are now available to the New Zealand food industry exclusively through Contour International.

Immediately Compatible with Contour Systems

Replacing tooling for your tray sealer can be a costly exercise, which is why BIOPAP trays are available in sizes that fit the standard footprint of all Tray Sealers supplied by Contour International. 

BIOPAP trays are also fully compatible with our range of lidding films, as well as with a new range of biodegradable Bio-Films; the next generation in sealing materials. 

Leverage for your brand

Nielsen research in 2018 showcased just how strong the demand for sustainable packaging is. Their research found that 73% of consumers would change their habits to reduce their impact on the environment and 46% of consumers would be willing to forgo a brand name in order to buy environmentally friendly products. 

The key takeaway? Now is the time for nimble food manufacturers to get ahead of established players and claim market share through offering sustainable packaging. 

Because BIOPAP trays are tested and certified to the highest international standards for compostability, biodegradability and disintegrability, you can have absolute confidence in showcasing the sustainability of your packaging choices, with documented evidence to support you. Better still, because BIOPAP trays can be composted commercially or at home, your customers can truly put it to the test. 

Contour is here to help

Helping food manufacturers choose and use the right equipment and materials to grow their business is what we live for. With 20 years’ of keeping New Zealand’s produce fresh, we have the engineering expertise and service to level our customers up and keep their packaging lines humming along smoothly.  

Talk to our team today about sustainable packaging options to suit your business.

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