Enduro Shoe Cover Device

Hygiene in step with the times...The most effective and efficient solution for cleanliness in environments that need to meet high standards.

The ENDURO shoe cover dispensing system significantly reduces the time it takes to put shoe covers on and is very simple and easy to use. The user-friendly automatic dispenser can quickly carry out a shoe cover within five seconds!!!  No more waiting for a seat on the bench, bending down, or balancing on one leg. Our system puts them on automatically!!  The ENDURO Shoe cover dispensing system makes putting shoe covers on faster, easier, and safer, which ultimately increases your company's productivity and reduces costs.

By making it so much easier to put shoe covers on, our system increases employee and visitor compliance,  thereby facilitating a cleaner, more sanitary environment and helping to prevent contamination.


The digital screen has an indicator of the exact number of shoe covers left and a break down indicator; moreover a warning light indicates the shoe covers exhaustion. The device is equipped with a ‘reset’ button, an automatic control for a higher working efficiency and has complete electromechanical functioning with no need of pneumatic connection.

Application fields: clean rooms, food, electronic components, hospitals/laboratories, chemical/pharmaceutical, cosmetics, research centres

Disposable shoe covers available:
PVC – 200 pieces per box Non-slip CPE – 160 pieces per box
Enduro Shoe Cover Device
Contour PackagingEnduro Shoe Cover Device
Contour Packaging
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