ENDURO Rotary Pouch Packer

The Enduro Rotary Bag-Fill Seal Machine offers a superb option for automatically filling and sealing your pre-made pouches. This system is simple, reliable and durable making it the most optimum system for automatically filling and sealing your pouches. Integrated insertion units are also available as an option extra on these systems for oxygen absorbers and other customised products.
Complete your pouch packing system with a weigh head for a streamlined operation process.

Options: Horizontal bag feeder, Bag holder, Poke feeding device, Under bag opener, Bag Prop Open Device, Zipper opener, Vibrating device, Squeezer

Model: Enduro 200
Bag width: 100mm-200mm
Bag length: 100mm-300mm

Model: Enduro 300
Bag width: 150mm-300mm
Bag length: 100mm-330mm
Packaging rate:
Packing speed: 30-45 bags/min
(dependent on the product, type
of bag and filling weight)

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ENDURO Rotary Pouch Packer
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