Enduro Linear Pouch Packer

Stand-up pouch filling and sealing machine for pre-made pouches. This innovative pouch filling and sealing machine automatically opens the pouches, holds them in place while being filled and then seals the pouch. The Enduro Stand-up pouch packing machine is designed to increase efficiency as we approach the busy seasons ahead. We have now tested, commissioned and have several of these systems working in New Zealand.
Complete your pouch packing system with a weigh head for a streamlined operation process.

Options: Zipper Opener, Heavy Weight Support, Hot Stamp Printer, Inkjet Print, Gas Flush, Vacuum & Gas-Flush, Take-away Conveyor, Gusset Bag Device

  • Small footprint
  • Simple to operate
  • No bag, no dump
  • Load bags while the machine in running
  • Easily adjustable to suit different bag sizes
Model Pouch Width Pouch Length
END-P 130-260mm 130-260mm
END-J 130-300mm 130-400mm
END-E 250-440mm 300-600mm
END-Duplex 100-180mm 100-260mm

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Enduro Linear Pouch Packer
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