ENDURO HPP Pouch Packer

We're excited to introduce to you one of the most efficient and economic horizontal packaging machines to package pre-made stand-up pouches, square or flat bags. 

With its linear movement the servo controlled horizontal bagger smoothly transfers the bags, stopping at each position to allow for multiple filling and insertion options.

This system conveys pouches to the front and rear of the machine, thereby doubling the production capacity and allowing very quick format changeover.

RPM Series Key Features

  • MODULAR:  Add a module: weighing, powder filling, liquid dosing, product tamping, sachet insertion, gas flushing, date coding all in one line.
  • ACCESSIBLE:  Full access from the front of the machine for easy monitoring, and maintenance.
  • COMPACT:  Reduced footprint saving plenty of space in the factory.
  • FLEXIBLE:  Carry out bag size changes in minutes not hours.
  • AESTHETICS:  The bag is held firmly during all filling and sealing stages for a perfect finish package result.
ENDURO HPP Pouch Packer
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