END-V4 Four-Axis Servo Horizontal Flow Wrapper

This four-axis servo flow wrapper can record wrap tension, sealing data, and product data and adjustments are easy and fast.

  • Four-axis servo driving system: End sealing unit, film transportation, feeding chain and film tension are driven by servo motors independently and system is durable, highly productive and low on noise
  • User-friendly interface and controls with 10.4inch colour monitor
  • 50 settings (bag length, temperature, speed, feeding position, film tension, and cutting position)
  • Self-diagnostic function, error messages show on-screen for easy troubleshooting
  • Overload sensing function for each servo motor gives warning in advance and prevents the parts and products from being damaged
Options: auto-feeding system, date coder, stainless steel machine frame, auto-splicer, No-Product-No-Go, No-Gap-No-Seal, CE or UL standards.
END-V4 Four-Axis Servo Horizontal Flow Wrapper
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