END-E Horizontal Flow Wrapper

The END-E ENDURO Horizontal Flow Wrapper is a floor standing model in the horizontal form, fill and seal systems.  The long feeding conveyor and stable construction make it possible to run this system automatically at high speeds.

Two-step feeding conveyor that easily wraps products in a row. Commonly used for in-row, on-edge packaging of cookies, crackers, and biscuits.

  • L-type rod bar conveyor collecting the stacked products manually from the packaging table, constant width of feeding channel with cross rod bar for easy counting and feeding
  • Slug transfer unit synchronized from the L-type cross rod conveyor to the wrapper in-feed conveyor for protecting product
  • Cost saving and high capacity with no-tray packaging
  • Both side spring fingers of infeed conveyor clip slug safely on edge and feed into forming box
  • Clipping transfer fingers with curved rail transport wrapped slugs from forming box through end sealing unit to discharging conveyor
  • Option for auto splicer: Saving time when exchanging the film creates higher efficiency
Options: Stainless steel machine frame, Date coder, CE or UL standards.


Operating Speed: 20-80 pack/min
Max Film Length: 100-400 mm
Film Width: 450 or 650 mm
Product Width: 30 - 100 mm
Product Height: Max 70 mm
END-E Horizontal Flow Wrapper
Contour Packaging
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