END-53 Metal Detector

The ENDURO metal detectors are used in many different industries and compound numerous product types including fresh foods, pharmaceuticals, dry products, liquids and more...
The ENDURO metal detection range meets with the IP66 rating and includes:

Conveyor type - for conveniently conveying your products through the metal detector and along your packaging line
Free Fall - for powders, fine grained products, liquids and pastry products


User Friendly Operating System
  • Full-colour touch Screen (7 Inch TFT LCD)
  • Automated functions for ease of use
  • Manageable detection history
  • Easy software upgrades
  • Connectivity to external devices
Enhanced Detection Performance
  • Mixed-frequency operation support
  • 32-bit digital signal processing
  • Phase-tracking function
END-53 Metal Detector
Contour Packaging
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