END-32 Compact Horizontal Flow Wrapper

The END-32 is a compact economical flow wrapper, suitable for single and small products.  The END-32 has a long feeding conveyor and the stable construction makes it possible to run this machine automatically at high speeds, achieving an output of up to 150 packs per minute. 

  • Compact construction for reducing space and cost requirements
  • Bag length is easily adjusted by the indicator
  • Equipped with precision photocell sensor for tracing control
  • Auto-stops when out of film
  • Efficient operation and performance which is labor saving
  • All product-contacted areas are stainless steel or plastic construction
Applicable products: Pet food, bread, cakes, moon cakes, instant noodles, biscuits, snacks, pastry products, productive wrapping of boxed products, candy, blisters, cosmetics products, toy industry, cards.

Options: Auto-feeding system, date coder, stainless steel machine frame, CE or UL standards
END-32 Compact Horizontal Flow Wrapper
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