Disposable Piping Bags

CATENZ Piping Bags are barrier bags designed for any kind of piping applications and are disposable, making for the easiest clean-up.   CATENZ Piping bags are used extensively in bakeries for the purpose of cake decoration and designing other baked items such as fruit tarts, macarons, cookies, choux pastry, etc.

CATENZ Piping bags are a versatile tool that can also be used to pipe whipped cream, fill doughnuts, form pastries, pipe thick dough, pipe mashed potatoes,  sauces, icing, or simply an easier means of decanting larger product volumes.


Why use CATENZ Piping Bags?

  • Microwaveable - but must be pierced first.
  • Boil in a bag for up to 1 hour
  • Easy to use, use once and throw away
  • Avoid the risk of cross-contamination!
  • Vacuum pack barrier pouch for shelf-life extension
  • CATENZ Piping Bags are manufactured with flexibility and strength
  • Contour will make any size of piping bag you require
  • Able to be sealed in a Vacuum Packer

Don't see a size here that will help you, we can manufacture to your specific size - email us here with the size you require.
* Minimum of 1000 of each size applies to manufacture

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Disposable Piping Bags
Contour PackagingDisposable Piping Bags
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