Custom printed bags vs. labeling generic

Are you buying generic sealable bags and sticking branded labels to them manually? 

Packaging your product in generic bags might seem cost-effective but there are more than just material costs to address when it comes to manually labeling every bag you produce.  Every. Single. Bag. 

Custom branded pouches

Many food producers who are scaling up operations perceive beautifully designed, custom-branded pouches (also known as printed bags) are only viable for the big leagues; way too expensive to get designed and produced. 

But it’s not true.

Custom-branded food pouches are easy to design, low-cost to produce and can save food manufacturers HOURS per production run – all whilst leveling up presentation, brand affinity and attention-share on the shelves. 

Save hours in production, grow your margin

When it comes to packaging, people can be a huge cost component. Whilst people are the heart and soul of most companies, their time is seldom treated as an opportunity cost. 2 hours spent applying labels to your food pouches is time that could be spent adding more value elsewhere; talking to suppliers, product development, managing your social media presence… the list is virtually endless. High performing food manufacturers know that removing manual labour for repeat, menial tasks that can be automated (like getting your brand onto every one of your products) is the key to growing profit margins and financial performance. 

Easier inventory management, more predictable output

Having to manage two inventory items to package your product (pouches PLUS labels) is a headache. How many times have you run out of one but not the other? How much time and energy have you spent making sure that doesn’t happen? 

Custom-branded pouches make it simple; you’ve either got enough or you haven’t. If you need more, there’s just one supplier to send a purchase order to, one invoice to pay, one set of goods to receive. By streamlining your inventory and supply chain, you can forecast stock and production more easily, which takes a lot of the stress out of running your business. 

Stand out, sell out

Whether your product sells at a market stall, online or from the shelves of the nation’s supermarkets, brand is key. Communicating your company values through your packaging in a way that captures attention and reinforces your ethos is on the critical path for sustained growth. This story plays out in every market; the most famous or recognisable brand within its category yields 4 times the efficiency from its marketing efforts than any other competitor. Whilst there is no formula for reaching that status, one of the key ingredients is consistency and being immediately recognisable, for which custom packaging is the perfect fit. It’s simple; the more you stand out, the faster you’ll sell out. 

Designing pouches is not difficult

An eye-catching design for a custom-pouch is easily within the reach of most food producers or their design teams. In fact, if you are already labeling a generic pouch, you’ve already done most of the work. Turning your existing label design into a custom pouch is a simple way to get started. 

If don’t have an existing packaging design, talk to a packaging specialist like Contour who can help you with the design requirements or coordinating the work. 

Get the right material for your product

In addition to cost saving and improving your presentation, a custom-branded bag solution might be able to add further benefits to your business. Just by talking to an expert about options, you may uncover new material choices that extend the shelf life of your product or help improve the sustainability of your packaging choices. 

Get the right equipment to grow your business

Custom food pouches might also open up the opportunity to improve the efficiency and consistency of your production operation. By discussing your packaging process with a packaging expert, you might find opportunities to save time or grow consistency in other areas, like weighing, filling and sealing, that help you grow the profitability of your business. 

Contour is here to help

Helping food and drink producers with the right equipment and materials to grow their business is what we live for. With 20 years’ of keeping New Zealand’s produce fresh, we have the engineering expertise and service to level our customers up, keep their packaging lines humming along smoothly and producing beautifully packaged products. 

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