Continuous Belt Sealer

The Continuous Belt Sealers in stainless steel are ideal for sealing pre-made bags horizontally or vertically as required. An economical sealer designed for continuous belt sealing for high volume general and food packaging. By using a Teflon belt; polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, paper, aluminium and other laminates can be sealed. Upgrade and increase efficiency. Improve your product capacity to a speed of 10m/min. Comes equipped with speed control, embossing wheel and heat controls. These machines are used to increase efficiency and can be used in any production process.

Optional extra: Thermal date printer. Continuous Belt Sealer

Model: Horizontal Vertical
Seal width: 10mm 10mm
Max. depth seal: 40mm 40mm
Motor: 1/12HP 1/12HP
Temperature: 0-300oC 0-300oC
Watts: 550W 550W
Speed: 0-12m/min 0-12m/min
Weight: 35Kg 50Kg
Continuous Belt Sealer
Contour PackagingContinuous Belt Sealer
Contour Packaging
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