Constant Heat Foot Sealers

Constant Heat Foot Sealers are specially designed to seal thick laminates including foil pouches and multi-layer bags.  The unique design ensures the sealing jaws are constantly heated, therefore ensuring a consistent, quality, strong seal every time.  The CFN models are equipped with a timing light and signal to notify the operator when the sealing cycle is complete.  All units come complete with pedestal, stand, adjustable work table and foot control.

Optional extras:  Date/batch printer, Heavy Duty Work Tables, Stand Extensions and Tilt Head adjustments can be added to meet your specific need

Constant Heat Foot Sealer

Model Max. seal length Seal width Watts
200CFN 200mm 10/15mm 250W
300CFN 300mm 10/15mm 350W
400CFN 400mm 10/15mm 420W
Constant Heat Foot Sealers
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