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No matter the size of your coffee production company, planning for growth is the key to success.

Over 2 decades, Contour has shared the journey of growth with more than a few latte's worth of coffee producers. From local artisans to some real kiwi icons, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade when it comes to kitting up for coffee. We've seen the way that coffee producers scale, the roadblocks they reach at each step along the way, and the accelerated success they can achieve by removing them. 

The purpose of this quick guide is to help you understand where you are on the journey, envision what comes next, and scale up efficiently by learning from the lessons of others before you. 

Let’s start by understanding the here and now.

Where do you sit on the coffee production scale?


It is important to know where you sit on the scale, and what your ambitions are, because the combination of these two factors can inform the choices you make next. 

For those with modest ambitions, incrementally growing your packaging capabilities might make good sense. 

For those who are on the pathway to becoming an iconic Kiwi brand, it’s important to know about the pitfalls of incremental equipment growth, and how to overcome common mistakes that slow your growth potential and cost you more in the process. 

No matter the ambitions of your coffee brand, knowing where you want to be and the steps to get there is vital. 

Grab the quick reference guide

Download our quick reference guide to coffee packing, which gives you an easy, visual way to keep the steps in mind that we’ve included in this guide. 

Contour is here to help

Helping food manufacturers choose and use the right equipment and materials to grow their business is what we live for. With 20 years’ of keeping New Zealand’s produce fresh, we have the engineering expertise and service to level our customers up and keep their packaging lines humming along smoothly.  

Talk to our team today about which packaging equipment solution will suit your business.


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