Automatic Sealing Equipment

Automatic table-top bag sealers are designed for continuous repetitive sealing.  The machine comes complete with adjustable sealing, cooling and timer controls.  Once the correct control settings have been pre-set, consistent seals are maintained automatically, making the last seal as perfect as the first.

Optional extras:  Round element for seal and cut, Constant or Bi-active sealing bars

Table Top Automatic Sealers

Model Max. seal length Max. seal thickness Seal width
250AI 250mm 2 x 0.15mm 2mm
350AI 350mm 2 x 0.15mm 2mm
355AI 350mm 2 x 0.15mm 5mm
450AI 450mm 2 x 0.15mm 2mm
455AI 450mm 2 x 0.15mm 5mm
600AI 600mm 2 x 0.15mm 2mm
605AI  600mm   2 x 0.15mm   5mm

EXCEL Replacement Element Kits are readily available. Contact us for more information.
Automatic Sealing Equipment
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