Audion AMAPS Tray Sealer

Audion Modified Atmosphere Traysealer:

AMAPS used SLB technology in a compact, manual, easy to operate, low maintenance way.  AMAPS is the ideal packaging solution for small & medium packers and can be a handy additional packaging machine for large producers as well.
The AMAPS is also ideal for the Research and development Academic, medical, agricultural and food packaging departments.
The Modified atmosphere and sealing processes are fully automatic, ensuring good results cycle after cycle.  Multiple sealing heads can be used for various trays, no need for tools and a very short changeover time - less than 10 minutes!!

Some of the advantages of the AUDION AMAPS Tray Sealing Solution include:

  • SLB is a registered patent for MAP without vacuum!
  • SLB - Modified Atmosphere without drawing mechanical vacuum at any stage, opens new markets to modified atmosphere packaging.
  • SLB, caused no harm to the texture or appearance of even the most delicate products while achieving the best modified atmosphere results time after time.
  • SLB - Shelf Life Booster takes the Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology a giant step further.
  • Unlike all other MAP sealers - SLB modified atmosphere is achieved in one fully automatic mechanical vacuum free SLB sealing head.
  • Low oxygen - less than 1% in the package.  Levels down to 0.01% upon request.
  • Thanks to this novelty we offer a state of the art packaging solution for all products, even the most delicate "vacuum banned" goods.
  • SLB extends product's shelf life without the need for preservatives or freezing, enabling storage and delivery of goods at room temperature or chilled.
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Audion AMAPS Tray Sealer
Contour PackagingAudion AMAPS Tray Sealer
Contour PackagingAudion AMAPS Tray Sealer
Contour Packaging