Audion AMAPS Tray Sealer

Semi-automatic and user-friendly MAP tray sealer for small and medium sized production.

AMAPS uses patented MAP technology in a compact, user-friendly, food quality preserving way. It uses an innovative gas flush process to produce MAP in a rapid period of time, without using a vacuum pump, ensuring flavor and cell structure of your meals not being harmed (such as pulling vacuum does).

Settings of gas flush and sealing can easily be programmed using the touch screen, in which you can store various recipes for different meals. An easy exchangeable mould allows a quick changeover to different tray sizes. Just select the recipe from the touchscreen, close the tray drawer and the cycle will start!

The AMAPS traysealer has a stainless steel cover and is equipped with an automatic film waste rewinding system. AMAPS 100 is ideal for packing a wide range of food like meat, fish, smoked and fresh produce, fruits, vegetables etc. The machine is also very convenient for companies conducting food tests for new products.

Technical specifications Traysealer AMAPS
Product AMAPS Traysealer
Seal length 325 x 265 mm (1/2 GN)
Min/max seal width 2-8 mm;
Type of machine MAP film on a Rol
Heat sealer, Tray sealer Table
Model Floor
Covering Stainless Steel
Knife Contour knife
Pedal operated No
Type of film PET-LDPE Topseal
Thickness of film 62 micron
Type of package Tray
Branche/Application Cheese, Fish, Food, Fruit & Vegetables, Meat & Poultry, Pet Food
Type of product Fluid, Granulate, Solid
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 810 mm x 785 mm x 1350 mm (1640 mm hood open)
Machine dimensions drawer out (LxWxH) 1250 x 785 x 1350 mm (1640 mm hood open)
Weight Approx. 245 Kg
Capacity without MAP 8 cycles/min
Capacity with MAP 6 cycles/min
Max. tray depth 100 mm
Max. film width 280 mm
Power supply 230V-1-50/60 Hz
Audion AMAPS Tray Sealer
Contour PackagingAudion AMAPS Tray Sealer
Contour PackagingAudion AMAPS Tray Sealer
Contour Packaging
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