Sous Vide Baths vs Stirrers

Sous-Vide has become the golden standard for cooking by the modern commercial chef; its ability to deliver exceptional quality, mouth-watering flavour and improved workflow in the kitchen make it an obvious choice. 

Getting set up with Sous-Vide requires two key pieces of equipment; 

A Vacuum Packer  
To vacuum seal proteins into a plastic pouch

A Sous-Vide Bath or Stirrer
To maintain water temperature and circulation for extended cooking

We’ll cover the things you need to know about Vacuum Packers in another article, but for now we’ll turn to the key differences between Sous-Vide Baths and Sous Vide Stirrers.

Stir it up, Little Stirrer, stir it up

Sous-Vide Stirrers are handy devices that drop into your existing saucepans to heat and recirculate water. They are a quick and easy way to get started with Sous-Vide, though they have their limitations. 

- Quick and easy to set up
- Attach to existing saucepans
- Low price point
- Take up very little space when not in use

- Only suitable for small water volumes
- Not suitable for cooking larger volumes 
- More of a temporary solution 

Sous-Vide Baths 

Sous-Vide baths are dedicated Sous-Vide cooking units that integrate a stainless water bath with heating and recirculation pumps to ensure the finest cooking results. Sous-Vide baths are well suited to chefs who rely upon Sous-Vide for consistency, quality and workflow in their kitchen. 

- Quick and easy to set up
- Purpose-built for consistent Sous-Vide cooking
- Price temperature controls
- Available in a range of sizes to suit bench-tops
- Low maintenance
- Plug and play

- Slightly higher upfront cost than stirrers
- Take up more space when not in use

So, Which Should You Choose? 

Choosing between a Sous-Vide Stirrer and a Sous-Vide Bath really depends upon how you plan to use Sous-Vide. If you know for sure that you will be regularly cooking Sous-Vide and need a purpose-built solution that handles the volume you need, then a Sous-Vide Bath will be the best bet for you. Sous-Vide baths are as good as it gets when it comes to Sous-Vide cooking. 

If you’re just dipping your toe (or a T-Bone) in the water, then a Sous-Vide stirrer is a good place to start though from our experience, Sous-Vide cooking offers so many benefits that most chefs who try Sous-Vide in their kitchens stick with it. 

Sous-Vide baths are the gold standard. Sous-Vide stirrers are a great entry-point.  


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