Surging demand for sustainable packaging sees Contour International quadruple capacity

Artist's impression of new signage at 55 Paerangi Place, Tauriko

Contour International have serviced and supported the food production sector with packaging solutions for over 20 years. Despite the pandemic, the last two years have propelled this Tauranga-based business to new heights.  

Managing Director James Morren says, “we’ve always pursued recyclable materials as much as possible, but when we saw our client’s appetite for compostable options, we invested hard and fast into research and development. We’ve worked with international materials experts, local 3D printers, our technical team and customers to develop new packaging solutions, as well as the supply chain to support them.”  

And the effort has paid off. Contour, whose service offering covers packaging equipment, consumables, and the service support to keep production lines humming, has seen such rapid growth that their previous headquarters were bursting at the seams.  

“With numerous clients packaging tens of thousands of products each day, we are a vital part of their value chain, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” says Greg Morren, Sales & Operations Manager. “We’ve quadrupled our footprint to meet demand, but also for the stockholding capacity to safeguard our clients against the impact of global supply chain disruptions which have plagued New Zealand manufacturers for the last 24 months.”  

​The new space is rapidly filling with consumables stock


One key focus area has been tray sealing. Building on their time-proven expertise with kerbside recyclable PET food tray packaging, Contour has invested heavily in developing home compostable tray-sealing solutions for fast-turnaround and flash-frozen products. Their responsiveness to the market and their sparkling new 4,000m2 facility further cement Contour International’s position as a high-scale Kiwi leader in packaging solutions across specialty areas like tray sealing, vacuum packing, and pouch packing.  

Demand for Contour's own Enduro home compostable food trays has been a major growth driver

“We are excited about the new space and can’t wait to share more in the upcoming weeks. Our whole team is enthusiastic; it is a real opportunity for both the business and our fantastic people to continue to grow”  says James Morren. 

With an exciting future ahead, Contour are very pleased to call 55 Paerangi Place, Tauriko, Tauranga their new home. 

To book a visit when Contour have fully moved in, contact the team via 0800 576 997 / Email

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The most exciting part about the new move, is that it allows us to serve our clients more deeply. We love being a part of our client's journeys, just like Heilala Vanilla and Frozen Fresh.

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