720 MV Mag Vac Vacuum Sealer

The Audion Power Sealer Magvac is a powerful, stainless steel vacuum sealer equipped with a vacuum nozzle and bi-active sealing bars. This machine can be used for vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging. It is available in two versions; a standard model and a model for validated sealing. This is particularly important in the medical and pharmaceutical industry but validated packaging starts to become more important in other industries too.

Both versions are available with a sealing length of 520 mm, 720 mm or 1020 mm. The machines are standard equipped with a foot pedal.

Standard features include:

  • Compact design; easy to fit into workspace
  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Heavy duty design
  • Large sealing bar opening: 45 mm
  • Possibility to switch off 1 sealing bar
  • Easy to use digital panel
  • The MV is suitable for the production of vacuum and MAP packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
  • Bi-active sealing bars suitable for laminate and thick pouches
  • Machine can be equipped with a support system
  • On a support the machine can be used in horizontal and diagonal sealing position and the machine is adjustable in height
  • Pneumatic closure of the sealing bars (prevents overheating of the electromagnets)
  • Machine built to the latest standards

Optional features include: Support stand, worktable, bagsupport, stretch fingers to seal large bags, 8mm seal.

Seal length: 720 mm
Seal width: 5 mm
Film thickness: Max. 2 x 0.2 mm
Gas flush: Standard
Voltage/frequency: 230v/50-60Hz
Consumption: 3300 W
Dimensions of packed machine: 810l x 497w x 234h
720 MV Mag Vac Vacuum Sealer
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