END-59 Enduro Tray Sealing System

The Enduro END-59 Tray Sealing Systems are a semi-automatic benchtop heat sealing machine for lidding of trays.  The system is tooled up to your specific tray and neatly trims the film around the perimeter of your trays.  This machine is extremely versatile, designed for being used in small and medium companies with high productive performance.  These machines have been well designed and stainless steel and polyethylene are used extensively in their construction.  
With this highly effective system the packaging opportunities for your products are endless. 
Some of the packaging solutions include:
The meat industry:  fresh, frozen and process meat, delicacies
Fish: whole, fresh, sliced, smoked and frozen
Fresh produce: whole, peeled, dried or sliced
Bake goods: whole baked cakes, quality cookies, sandwiches, par-baked pastries etc, 
Dairy products, ready to heat and eat meals, fresh pasta, research and development, nuts, snack foods and chilled goods.
  • Manually load trays
  • Maximum tray size:  END59:  220 x 170 x 120
  • Lidding film feeds automatically as tray carrier is pushed into machine
  • Can operate on manual or sensor mode
  • Tray carrier pulled forward and trays are lifted out
  • No vacuum or gas-flush
  • Complete with perimeter cut
  • Print registration for printed film
  • Scrap film is trimmed and automatically rewound
  • Machine is manufactured to your specific tray size
END-59 Enduro Tray Sealing System
Contour PackagingEND-59 Enduro Tray Sealing System
Contour Packaging
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