455VG Bench-top Vacuum Sealer

The 455VG and 605VG are portable tabletop vacuum sealer that provides speed and flexibility for packaging where budget or work space limitations are a concern while increasing productivity and efficiency. Excess air is removed from the bag by twin retractable vacuum nozzles. These models are especially suitable for small industrial applications. 

Standard features include separate vacuum, gas flush, seal and cool timers. 

Please Note: All measurements below are in mm.

455VG/4510VG Bench-top Vacuum Sealer

Seal length: 450 mm
Seal width: 5 mm / 10mm
Seal thickness: Max. 2 x 0.15 mm
Gas flush: Standard
Voltage/frequency: 230v/50-60Hz
Consumption: 1100 W / 1500 W
Weight of machine: 23 kg / 26 kg
455VG Bench-top Vacuum Sealer
Contour Packaging
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