303 Vacuum Packaging Machine

The AUDION Floorstanding vacuum packaging equipment is designed for packaging larger products in food processing and manufacturing plants.  EG. A leg of lamb or whole ham.  With twin sealing bars and continuous vacuum pump, they will give the operator greater flexibility and improved workplace efficiency.  The flat bed machine e.g:  VMS233 make these the desired option for inline production.

Option:  Gas flush packaging facility for MAP packaging.

TYPE VM 303 Vacuum Packaging Machine

Machine size: 920l x 790w x 1125h
Absolute chamber size(high lid): 840l x 580w x 200h
Effective chamber size: 790l x 460w
Net sealing bar length: 2 x 790
Seal width: 3.5 mm single seal
Position of sealing bar:
Voltage/phase/frequency: 400v/3Ph/50 Hz
Pump capacity: 100 m3/h
Consumption: 3.0 - 5.0 kW                
 Number of gaspipes (Optional):          3 per sealing bar
303 Vacuum Packaging Machine
Contour Packaging
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