243 Aluminium Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

The most compact double aluminum chamber machine of the AUDION range, the VM243 model is ideal for high production in a limited working space.  A high efficiency level can be achieved as the loading and unloading can be accomplished whilst the other chamber is vacuuming.  These packaging machines can become part of a production process with clean results and increased efficiency.  The AUDION Double Chamber VM243 is suitable for high volume packing or retail packs, with an aluminum chamber and lid with viewing window.

Some of the features of the VM243 include:
  • High Quality Busch Vacuum Pump
  • Soft Air Facility
  • Double Wire Seal Bar
  • 10 Program Easy Touch Computer Board
  • Radius Chamber for Easy Cleaning
  • Includes 4 Removable Chamber Boards or Infill Plates
  • Manufactured in Holland to exacting standards
  • Optional:  Cut Off Wire, Gas Injection, Liquid Insert Plate and Sensor Control.

Please Note: All measurements below are in mm.

TYPE VM 243 Aluminium chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Machine size: 1060l x 880w x 1070h
Absolute chamberize(high lid): (2x) 470l x 690w x 235h
Effective chamber size: 440l x 580w
Net sealing bar length: 2 x 440 per chamber
Seal width: 3.5 mm single seal
Voltage/phase/frequency: 400v/3Ph/50 Hz
Pump capacity: 63 m3/h
Consumption: 2.4 - 3.5&
Number of gaspipes (Optional): 3 per sealing bar
243 Aluminium Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
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