163 Vacuum Packaging Machine

The heavy duty VMS163 model is suitable for a wide range of applications.  With its advanced multi cycle, sensor control and optional gas injection features, it is possible to create a modified atmosphere that will further extend the shelf life and protect your products from damaging effects of a high vacuum on soft products including shredded cheese and fresh sausages.  The result of this modified atmosphere ensures the natural colour is preserved, vitamin, taste and fat content is retained.  This method does not require labeling declaration.

Some of the features of the VMS163 include:
  • High Quality Busch Vacuum Pump
  • Double Wire Seal Bar
  • 10 Program Easy Touch Computer Board
  • Soft Air Facility
  • Removable Seal Bar Without Tools
  • Includes 3 Removable Chamber Boards or Infill Plates
  • Manufactured in Holland to exacting standards
  • Optional:  Gas Injection.

Please Note: All measurements below are in mm.

TYPE VMS 163 Vacuum Packaging Machine

Machine size: 490l x 610w x 445h
Absolute chamber size: 420l x 500w x 180h
Effective chamber size: 410l x 460h / 410l x 410h
Net sealing bar length: 1 x 410 / 2 x 410
Seal width: 3.5 mm double seal
Position of sealing bar:
Voltage/phase/frequency: 230v/1Ph/50 Hz
Pump capacity: 21 m3/h
Consumption: 0.75 – 1.0 kW
No. of gas pipes (optional): 2 per sealing bar
163 Vacuum Packaging Machine
Contour Packaging
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