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Domestic Type Vacuum Packaging Systems

From the vacuum industry these external vacuum food packaging machines are perfect for home and professional use and offers exceptional vacuum and sealing.  Very fast, automatic and really easy to use.  The sealing bar is spring-loaded on both ends, giving you a strong, consistent seal every time.  These vacuum sealing machines also come complete with a moisture trap to protect the electrical components inside the machine as well as a filter to protect the vacuum pump.

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The VMB001 Professional family simply solves every preservation problem at room temperature in the refrigerator and in the freezer.  

Please Note: All measurements below are in mm.

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TYPE VMB0001 External Vacuum Packaging Machine

Orved VMB0001 Domestic External Vacuum Packaging Machine
Machine size: 360l x 265w x 126h
Weight: 3.52Kg
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The VME001 Eco external Vacuum machine is the winning vacuum packing machine as far as price-quality-performance are concerned.  The vacuum level and sealing of this eco model is as powerful as any Vacuum machine.

Eco Vacuum is silent and fast thanks to its self-lubrication vacuum pump which does not require any maintenance.

TYPE VME0001 External Vacuum Packaging Machine     

Orved VME0001 Domestic External Vacuum Packaging Machine
Machine size: 360l x 245w x 126h
Weight: 3.38Kg

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